The Orchestras at Pope High School consists of four performing orchestras. 

Greyhound Orchestra

Greyhound Orchestra is for students with prior experience. No audition is required to participate.  Students perform level three music and will learn the basic music theory and structure. Students will also learn to perform in keys up to 4 sharps or flats. This class is open to all grade levels

Sinfonietta Orchestra

Sinfonietta Orchestra is for students with prior experience.  No audition is required to participate in this Orchestra. Students perform level four music and is open to all grade levels. Students will perform music that challenge them to learn skills to master their instruments at a high level.  Private lessons are encouraged and highly motivated students are prepped to participate in Chamber and Philharmonic Orchestras.

Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra is a high level performing Orchestra.  The Orchestra is open to all grade levels and perform level four and five music.  Chamber Orchestra focuses primarily on chamber music (music for small ensembles) and is the bridge into performing in the Mastery Orchestra.  It will challenge students to excel and reach the goals of performing in the top orchestra at Pope High School.

Philharmonic Orchestra

Philharmonic Orchestra is the most advanced orchestra that shows excellence in musicianship and ability.  The music performed is primarily level six and will challenge students to manage their time and devote themselves to higher levels of performance.   An audition is required for this Orchestra. Students who cannot participate in Honor Orchestra and/or All State auditions may forfeit their eligibility to register for Symphony.

Expectations and Policies

All Pope High School and Cobb County rules and policies will be followed in the orchestra classroom.  

Good rehearsal conduct shall be observed at all times.

The most important rule of conduct is to show respect for your peers and teacher.  Consideration, courtesy and a positive attitude are contagious. Food, candy, gum and drinks are not allowed in the class except water.   This is to protect our room from pests and to ensure that our equipment always stays in excellent working order. 


Orchestra students are expected to be on time to class, rehearsals, and performances. Tardy is defined as not being in the orchestra room when the late bell rings, or by not being in your assigned seat within three minutes of the late bell, ready to observe good tuning procedures. Tardies can directly affect your orchestra grade for the semester as it directly affects participation in the ensemble.

Class tardies are handled according to the following steps:
                  4 Tardies = Student will spend one hour after school in detention.
                  5th tardy= Referral to administrator and possible loss of parking privileges.
                  Students who are late due to excused school business must have a     signed note from a teacher or administrator.
  (This is on a per semester basis)

Grading Policy

Rehearsal Standards and Daily Participation = 45%

Daily participation in daily classwork and rehearsals. (If your forget your instrument one day, then it will bring down your weekly participation grade.)   Students that miss rehearsals must submit a written notice to Mrs. Benton one week before the event.  

Performance quizzes must be played in class.

A positive attitude is essential to a productive rehearsal so conduct is a part    of your grade; disrespect  will effect your grade.

Tardies in class will lower the daily participation grade.

Students are also expected to have their instrument everyday or expect to receive a zero for class participation.  Also, all students are expected to keep their nails low (even with the fingertip, not pass it) at all times. 

Failure to follow class rules will result in points taken away from your daily grade.

Tests = 15%

Tests are an important part of your grade so preparation is vital.  Students will perform playing test in class or via video sent to the email address provided, two (2) days before the test date. No exceptions!  Computer incompatibility is not an excuse! Example:  Test date -Thursday, video must be sent by Tuesday 11:59 PM. Some tests will be written and must be taken during class.​

Concerts/Projects= 30%

Make every effort to attend all concerts.  There will be no reason for you to not accommodate a concert date.  It is to your advantage to talk with coaches and other necessary people to see if there are conflicts.  These conflicts should be dealt with immediately.  Missed performances and rehearsals require a written excuse that fall in compliance with Cobb County rules and regulations. Make-up work will be given if the excuse is accepted. DO NOT WAIT TILL THE WEEK OF THE CONCERT TO INFORM THE TEACHER THAT YOU CANNOT ATTEND!

Final Exam/ SLO = 10%

             The exam grade is worth 15% of your final grade.
             The exam will be cumulative. (covering all material from the semester)

Orchestra Dues

Every club, organization, and athletic team at Pope High School has dues, as does Orchestra.  The Pope Orchestra Booster Club (POBC) just purchased new Wenger instrument lockers for the classroom and students now have proper storage and safety of their instruments.  With the expansion of the program we need to purchase new equipment and instruments that budgets do not allow for.  The growth is a wonderful thing and so the parent support of dues helps sustain a strong and growing program.  This will aid in getting the group to experience opportunities whose memories will last a lifetime.  Orchestra dues are $125 per student.  Dues will pay for clinicians to workshop with the students, expenses for trips/activities, and other miscellaneous expenses.  Participation is the key to making this program excel….our success depends on no less than 100% participation. 

Other fees that will be collected throughout the year are minor application fees for All-State, Honors Orchestra, and Solo/Ensemble Competition.  Fees for these events total no more than $25-$30 dollars and are exciting and necessary experiences for all students who wish to audition.


Girl’s Uniform:

The girl’s uniform is a black dress that can be ordered through Southeastern Performance Apparel.  This dress is approximately $70 dollars and can be purchased at the time of the fitting.  Please make checks payable to Pope Orchestra Booster Club.  Black, closed-toe shoes are to be worn with the dress. All girls in orchestra must wear the same dress!  Not being in concert dress will result in being asked to sit aside and not participate.  Your grade will be altered as a result.

 Boy’s Uniform:

The boy’s uniforms are black tuxedo jackets and pants, worn with a simple white tuxedo shirt.  The tux pant and coat are rented from Pope High School for $30 per year (checks made payable to Pope Orchestra Booster Club).  Black shoes, black socks, and all tuxedo jewelry (studs and cufflinks) must be worn also.  The uniform must also contain a bow tie.  Do not show up missing a bow tie and expect to receive full credit and do not show up with socks in colors other than black!  Being out of uniform will make the group look bad and grade will be altered.  It is your responsibility to provide black dress shoes and black socks as well as the tux shirt and bow tie.  Those items are what you keep all four years.  As part of the uniform rental agreement YOU MUST HAVE THE TUX RETURNED DRY CLEANED or be charged the price of dry cleaning.

Orchestra Lockers

Lockers are for violin and viola use only. They are not alternatives for school assigned lockers.  All students can use the folio cabinet to store music if needed. Students using lockers are responsible for providing their own lock and giving the combination to Mrs.Benton.   Lockers should be locked at all times to protect them.  Vandalism of lock and/or lockers is an offense that requires school referral. No food or drinks allowed in lockers.

Cell Phone use

Students may use cell phones/electronic devices for tuning at the beginning of class. Students will be expected to keep phones/electronic devices in the caddies provided.  They can charge while in the caddy. They may also use them only when advised by the teacher.  If the phone is out during class when not advised by the teacher, then the phone will be taken up and returned at the end of the class period the first time. After the second repeat offense, then the student will receive an office referral for disobedience, class disruption and non compliance. 

Orchestra Letter Points

Students can receive points for lettering in various activities throughout the school year. Students need 350 points in order to letter in Orchestra.  Points are valid from July 2019-May 2020. A complete list is posted in the Orchestra Room  

Student Conductors

Student conductors are selected by Mrs. Benton.  Students selected will help Mrs. Benton with class.  Student conductors will also have an opportunity to conduct on a concert during the school year.

Signature Form

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